Simulated Phishing vs Employee Wellbeing

Phishing - Where's the Line?

Simon Fraser - Hut Six and Jon Coss - JC Cyber Security Services explore simulated phishing and the delicate balance of employee wellbeing vs managing human risk in cyber security.

Important Security Awareness Metrics

What Security Awareness Metrics Should I be Using?

Webinar on security awareness training metrics. Learn about the correct and effective use of metrics in a security awareness program.

Cyber Security Awareness with Flexible Working

Security Awareness at Home

People face a great deal of cyber threats at home as well as in the workplace. In this webinar we discuss how should you change your security awareness program when addressing remote/flexible working.

Board Level Human Cyber Risk

Communicating Human Risk to your Board

Communicating the risks of human error to your board can be challenging. Typically boards are driven by facts, figures and forecasts. Here we help you put together a business case for security awareness.