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What can Hut Six Security do for your company?

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Our Aim

Hut Six are focused on the human aspect of information security, creating secure cultures within organisations and changing employee behaviour in a measurable way. Our information security awareness training mitigates the most prevalent cause of security breaches, the human factor.

Our Campaign

We provide a SaaS-based year long security awareness campaign consisting of twenty-six, five-to-ten minute interactive tutorials. These educate your staff in all aspects of end user information security, measure their information security awareness and provide insight into areas of vulnerability across your organisation.
Secure Culture

Secure Culture

Security belongs to each and every member of your organisation; not just your IT or information security team. Our cloud-based awareness campaign is delivered company-wide and woven seamlessly into employee routine.
Changing Behaviour

Changing Behaviour

Protecting the human side of your organisation is about more than just awareness of risks. Make the most secure behaviours habitual in a measurable way.
Actionable Metrics

Actionable Metrics

Analytics from the interactive elements of the training provide managers with actionable metrics. Together, we can pinpoint exactly where your organisation needs to bolster its security practices.

How is our service & approach different?

Growing your strongest link
We replace condescending and ineffective security awareness training with a frequent, engaging and concise delivery focused around employee actions and behaviour.

Not the Weakest Link

Blaming users and calling them the weakest link leads to a victimised and disengaged workforce. To fully protect your organisation security training needs to be pitched to engage all levels of technical expertise.

Case Studies

We use real-life case studies to educate your staff, communicating the essential message to non-technical staff, whilst capturing the attention of your most technical employees with a more interesting narrative.


Tutorials delivered every two weeks keep the content fresh and relevant, whilst maintaining security at the forefront of employee minds.


The interactive elements woven into the tutorials not only educate your employees but provide metrics to assess, track and improve their progress through the course.


Five-to-ten minute tutorials taken once every two weeks fit seamlessly into your routine and provide consistent training without detracting from employee productivity.

Why should you educate your workforce?

Phishing, malware, social engineering and ransomware
Phishing, malware, social engineering and ransomware are now the most prevalent forms of cyber-attack.

Staff awareness and vigilance, alongside good technical defences, are therefore imperative to all businesses and their information security.

Even the most sophisticated technical defences are rendered ineffective when an organisation is compromised by human error.

The human factor must be at the heart of your security strategy. Educate your staff about the imminent threats we face in today’s technological workplace.
User Testimonial
The Hut Six team have been fantastic in their understanding of our needs as a business to deploy the message of how important Information Security is to an organisation and it’s been a real pleasure to develop the working relationship with them over the last 12 months or so. The team are very professional, accurate in their work and delivery and provide great customer service.

The application’s look and feel ensures that the tutorials that are distributed to the employees on a regular basis, are not only informative, but are also interesting and ensure a very high participation rate and that the training does not become stale.

- Nigel Barge, IT Infastructure Operations Manager, IQE

How is our campaign measured?

Real-time Analytics

Real-time Management Dashboard

At Hut Six, we believe that unmeasured or untested training is a wasted investment. Our management dashboard provides constant visibility across departments and employees on the deployment and efficacy of your security awareness campaign. Through this, managers of your campaign are able to monitor and measure the progress of users throughout the course and administrate the system.

Comprehensive Analytics

The bespoke learning management system collects and stores a large amount of data that is used to generate valuable and comprehensive insights into the security awareness of all levels within the organisation.

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