Creating measurably secure cultures with

What can Hut Six Security do for your company?

Hut Six provides a comprehensive solution to human error in information security.

Human error is by far the most prevalent cause of security breaches, with the four most common:


Involve phishing or fraudulent emails
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Involve viruses, spyware or malware
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Involve social engineering attacks
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Involve some form of ransomware

And yet only 20% of businesses have put their staff through any sort of cyber security training.

The way we handle security awareness has to change.

Hut Six’s annual subscription is reinventing security awareness training with up-to-date and customised campaigns.

We educate your staff in all aspects of information security awareness, measurably changing their behaviour

and providing actionable insights into areas of vulnerability across your organisation.



Tutorials delivered every two weeks keep the content fresh and relevant, whilst maintaining security at the forefront of employee minds.


The interactive elements woven into the tutorials not only educate your employees, but provide metrics to assess, track and improve their performance throughout the campaign.


Five-to-ten minute tutorials taken once every two weeks fit seamlessly into your routine and provide consistent training without detracting from employee productivity.

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Cloud-based information security awareness tutorials that educate your staff effectively, customised to your specific policies, using up-to-date case studies and any new changes such as GDPR.

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Our bespoke assessments and scenarios ensure your training is relevant to the industry and expertise of your staff. In addition, Phish your employees with tailored attacks exhibiting the latest phishing trends.

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Our management dashboard provides a snapshot of your organisation’s security awareness generating cyber risk profiles for each user and department across different security topics.

User Testimonial
The Hut Six team have been fantastic in their understanding of our needs as a business to deploy the message of how important Information Security is to an organisation and it’s been a real pleasure to develop the working relationship with them over the last 12 months or so. The team are very professional, accurate in their work and delivery and provide great customer service.

The application’s look and feel ensures that the tutorials that are distributed to the employees on a regular basis, are not only informative, but are also interesting and ensure a very high participation rate and that the training does not become stale.

- Nigel Barge, IT Infrastructure Operations Manager, IQE

How is our service & approach different?


Hut Six’s training and assessments are customisable to match your organisation’s specific policies, providing users with accurate and definitive actions that apply to their personal situations.


Every two weeks we release a new, animated and voiced tutorial, focused on current security threats. Hut Six’s campaigns are adaptive responding to threats and weaknesses faced by your organisation.


Hut Six integrates your branding into our training building an internally recognised secure culture. We invite you to add to your campaigns by hosting your material on our Learning Management Systems.

Universal Messaging

Engage all your employees with up-to-date real-world case studies, we avoid a lowest common denominator approach communicating the essential message to all staff, whilst still engaging your most technical employees

Behavioural Change

Hut Six’s campaigns have been designed to take into account the various motivations behind behavioural change. Technical, social, economic, professional and personal arguments all play a part in convincing people to change their behaviour.

Comprehensive Solution

Manage your security awareness from one system: train users with our cloud-based tutorials, issue additional materials to augment the campaign, test their response to phishing attacks and analyse the data to assess your cyber risk.

Why should you educate your workforce?

Phishing, malware, social engineering and ransomware

As the most prevalent cause of security breaches the human factor must be at the heart of your security strategy.

Even the most sophisticated technical defences are rendered ineffective when an organisation is compromised by human error.

The cost and impact of a security breach is increasing year-on-year for companies.

What about GDPR?

With the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation on the 25th May 2018, the cost of non-compliance is set to be even higher with fines of 4% of your global turnover or 20 million Euros, whichever is greater. The legislation changes the way organisations process personal data collected within the EU. It stipulates the need for staff education in information security and the processing of personal data. Explicitly the GDPR impacts security awareness in the two following articles:

Duties of a Data Protection Officer include: “awareness raising and training of staff involved in the processing operations.” - Article 37, General Data Protection Regulation

“The appropriate data protection training to personnel having permanent or regular access to personal data.” - Article 43, General Data Protection Regulation

Hut Six has both adapted its campaigns and developed specific tutorials to introduce staff to the legislation, explain the impact on your organisation, and inform your employees of their new privacy rights.

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