People influence security far more than any technology or policy

One-time Information Security Awareness Training doesn’t work. Hut Six’s information security awareness solution fits your organisations culture and grows with you, ensuring that security awareness becomes second nature.

How can we help you achieve behavioural change?

Information Security Awareness Training image laptop and people

Train your workforce

When your employees are secure, your organisation is too. Hut Six Information Security Awareness Training tutorials cover all aspects of information and cyber security, increasing employee vigilance and knowledge of the threats that your business faces.

Test through scenarios

Hut Six Information Security Awareness Training tutorial assessments feature real world scenarios to ensure your employees are equipped to react to real incidents when they occur. Whilst our customisable phishing simulator reinforces behavioural change by applying knowledge to a simulated real-world risk.

phishing simulation image by Hut Six Security
Information Security Awareness Training metrics image Hut Six Security

Track with metrics

The management dashboard provides insights into your organisation’s security awareness landscape, reporting on individual employees, departments, and the organisation as a whole to give you a comprehensive understanding of defences against attack.

A few of our happy customers

Organisations of all different shapes, sorts and sizes have chosen Hut Six to help protect their people.