"The most successful Information Security Awareness Training we have used to date"

The Best Way to do Security Awareness

Train your people against cyber threats

High Quality Content

Frequent, engaging and concise tutorials educate your people, whilst respecting their time and intelligence.

Customisable Tutorials

Automatically customised and easily edited tutorials enable our training fit your security policies seamlessly.

Real-life Scenarios

Scenario based tutorials with branching narratives that take users through case studies teaching best practice.

Test the effectiveness of your security program

Interactive Assessments

Assessments built into our tutorials test knowledge and awareness of information security best practice.

Phishing Simulation

Conduct sophisticated phishing campaigns across your organisation to measure behavioural change.

Custom Phish Editor

Create your own simulated phishing attacks in our drag and drop editor or choose from our extensive template library.

Track your organisation's security awareness

Comprehensive LMS

Manage your security awareness programme and create reports in our own Learning Management System.

Integrated Metrics

Easily track and compare training metrics alongside simulated phishing results to measure your organisations security.

Cyber Risk Reporting

Data collected demonstrates security awareness level by individual user, team, and your whole organisation.

Our Successful Training Programs

We solve the difficulty of delivering an effective security awareness program that impresses users and meets board requirements. 

Partners and Accreditations

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