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Train your workforce

Cloud-based information security awareness training that effectively educates staff and builds secure cultures. Tutorials can be customised to your specific policies, and feature industry best practice, up-to-date case studies and interactive assessments that increase awareness and vigilance amongst employees.

Test through scenarios

Our bespoke assessments and scenarios ensure tutorials are relevant to your industry and employee expertise. whilst our customisable phishing simulator keeps your employees up-to-date with the latest phishing attack trends.

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Track with metrics

Our management dashboard provides a 360 degree view of your organisation’s security awareness, generating cyber risk profiles for each user and department across different security topics.


Tutorials are delivered every two weeks keep content relevant whilst maintaining security at the forefront of company culture.


Interactive elements woven into the tutorials not only educate your employees, but provide metrics to assess, track and improve their performance throughout training and phishing campaigns.


Concise tutorials taken once every two weeks fit seamlessly into employee routine and provide consistent training that won’t detract from employee productivity.

The traditional ways in which we approach information security awareness need to change.

Hut Six’s annual subscription reinvents information security awareness training with up-to-date tutorials and customised phishing campaigns.

We educate your employees in all aspects of information security awareness, measurably changing their behaviour and providing actionable insights into areas of vulnerability across your organisation.


Professionally animated and produced tutorials focus on current security threats and attack trends. Hut Six tutorials are regularly updated, corresponding to threats and weaknesses faced by your organisation.


Hut Six’s content and assessments are customisable to match your organisation’s specific policies, providing users with accurate and definitive actions that apply to your professional environment.


Hut Six integrates your branding into tutorials, building an internally recognised secure culture.

Universal Messaging

Engage all employees with up-to-date, real-world case studies. We avoid a ‘lowest common denominator’ approach, communicating the essential message to all staff, whilst still engaging the most technical of employees.


Manage all aspects of security awareness from one system: train users with cloud-based tutorials, issue additional materials to compliment training, and test their response to phishing attacks and analyse data to assess organisational cyber risk.

Behavioural Change

At the forefront of changing staff behaviour is engaging and compelling training. Enabling users to explore, understand and master information and cyber security threats enables your staff to embody a secure culture mindset.

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