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Deliver best-in-class security awareness training and phishing simulations to your clients with the Hut Six Awareness Platform

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  • Comprehensive Cyber Awareness Platform

Delight, educate and secure your client's end users with high quality, customised training and phishing simulations.

  • Fully Featured Partner Portal

Easily administer and create cyber awareness campaigns for your clients, our portal makes handling licenses and client onboarding easy.

  • Flexible Partnership Model

Resellers and VARS, System Integrators, MSPs, VADs. Our Partner Programme is flexible. Interested in a different kind of partnership? We would love to hear from you and start working together!

  • Ongoing Content Model

Hut Six is constantly developing new content and features to reduce customer churn and continue reducing risk in our clients.

Dedicated Partner Support

  • Full onboarding assistance.

  • Technical Support.

  • Expert training guidance.

Competitive Profit Margins

  • Maximise your profits.

  • Expand your portfolio.

  • Deliver quality services to your customers.

Customisable Training Programs

  • Brandable content and LMS system.

  • Create custom phishing emails and spoof domains with our custom phishing editor.

  • Align with your customers' industry, compliance standards, and security goals.

Tailored to Your Clients' Needs

Our Security Awareness Training program is designed to accommodate the specific security requirements of every organisation. Whether you serve small teams or large enterprises, our training modules address a diverse selection of topics, including:

  1. Promoting best practices for passwords and secure authentication methods.

  2. Safeguarding data and effectively managing sensitive information.

  3. Ensuring the security of mobile devices and implementing BYOD policies.

  4. Securing remote work environments and optimizing VPN usage.

  5. Prompt and effective identification and reporting of security incidents.

  6. Cultivating safe browsing habits and encouraging responsible online practices.

  7. Raising awareness of risks associated with social media and enhancing online privacy measures.

Partner with Hut Six today and unlock new opportunities to grow your business while protecting your clients against cyber attacks.

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