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At Hut Six we've decided to refine our training into an even more bite-sized format with Cyber Shorts and release them for free. We believe everyone deserves to be educated against cyber threats they face in the workplace and at home. Cyber crime can be just as distressing as a physical crime and we're here to help you protect yourself.

In these shorts, we cover the core concepts of security awareness in 180 seconds or less in our unique style. Share with your family and friends to help them level up their cyber game.

Navigating the Web Safely

Learn about domains and how to tell if you're on a secure website.



Find out how to spot scam e-mails.



Understand the three simple rules to securing your accounts.


Devices and Malware

Improve the security on your devices by following the steps in this tutorial.


Social Media

What precautions should you take when posting online?


Responding to Cyber Crime

A quick overview of what steps you can take if you've been affected by cyber-crime.


See how we can help your organisation build a secure culture

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