We believe that people deserve to be educated about the cyber threats they face at home and in the workplace

A Leading UK Cyber Security Awareness Company

Our Mission

People need to make the correct cyber choices when faced with cyber threats.

With billions lost to cyber and information security attacks and breaches every year, human error stands as the largest contributing factor

Specialists in Security Awareness

To combat these avoidable incidents, we’ve created training that not only educates staff in how to avoid information security threats, but also allows organisation to track and understand their staff’s behaviour.

We help protect people and organisations by delivering the best security awareness programs.

What we Do

Our security awareness training is not only engaging, bite sized and dare we say - enjoyable - but is also designed to provide continuous value to customers and end-users, at home and at work.

Business-to-Business Software-as-a-Service

With unique animation, interactive tutorial design, a highly customisable phishing simulator, and easy to use Learning Management System (LMS), Hut Six’s training facilitates awareness and compliance, all on one platform.

We solve the difficulty of delivering an impactful awareness program that impresses users and meets board requirements.

About Hut Six

Founded in 2016, Hut Six have worked with large multinationals, government agencies all the way down to small businesses.

Hut Six an alumni of The Alacrity Foundation, and is backed by Sir Terry Matthew's VC fund Wesley Clover, the Development Bank of Wales and other private investors.

Headquartered in Newport, UK, our growing team is building a product that provides continuous value, is automated where possible and provides a tailored experience at scale.

Pictured: Prof Simon Gibson CBE - Wesley Clover, Dr Carl Griffiths - Development Bank of Wales, Simon Fraser - Hut Six

Our Board

Prof Simon Gibson, CBE

Prof Simon Gibson, CBE, DSC. DL


Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser

Managing Director

Daniel Steward

Daniel Steward

Technical Director

Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle

Non Executive Director

Behind the Name

The name Hut Six is inspired by the codebreakers’ work at Bletchley Park during World War II, and the significance of the human error of the German operators that lead to the breaking of the Enigma. Initially working out of a small wooden hut, the team was eventually able to deduce the daily key of the enigma before breakfast time, giving Allied forces vital intel for the rest of the day. This breakthrough, made in 1940, was only possible due to the human error of the German Enigma machine operators, who included the same words in their daily reports; for example, the German word for weather (Wetter) in the daily weather report.

Using these known words and Alan Turing’s “bombe”, the team at Hut 6 in Bletchley Park could deduce the encryption key that was used for the day. As the Bletchley Park operation grew, the sector that had started in that small wooden hut retained their name Hut 6.

Alan Turing's Bombe

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