What are Feedback Users

A feedback user is a user that has access to the course tutorials before they have been released. The feedback user will have the ability to leave feedback at the end of each tutorial.

Each course on your account can have a feedback user assigned to it. Any user on the system can be a feedback user, even if they're a standard user.

Please note, if a feedback has viewed a tutorial, their metric will be used on their account. The tutorial will be marked as 'completed' on the feedback users account once the tutorial has been released.

1. Navigate To Courses

Before you can view/delete/add feedback users, you will need to Navigate To Courses

2. Course Table

After clicking the course button you will be taken to the course table.

The table will include a list of courses that have been assigned to the organisation.

Screenshot of courses list

3. Select Course To Manage

You will have to decide which course you want to add a feedback user to. Once you have made the decision, click on the 'course name'.

Screenshot of the edit course button

4. Manage Course

You will then be taken to the course management page.

To view feedback users, click on the third tab in the table 'Feedback group'.

Screenshot of the feedback group button

5. Viewing Feedback Users

After clicking the feedback group tab, you will see the 'feedback group members' in the table.

Screenshot of feedback users

Adding Users To Feedback Group

1. Add

To add a user to the feedback group, click the 'add' button.

Screenshot of the add button

2. User Selection

You will then be presented with a list of users that are on the LMS.

Select the users you would like to add to the feedback group by clicking the box next to the user name.

Screenshot of the add user selection

3. Confirm

Once you have selected all the users you would like to add to the Feedback group, click 'confirm'. This will complete the process of adding users to the feedback group.

Screenshot of the confirm button

Deleting Multiple Feedback User

1. Select Users

Select the users you would like to delete by clicking the box to the left of the user name.

Screenshot of the users to delete from the feedback group

2. More Actions

Once you have selected the users you would like to delete, navigate to the 'more actions' button that can be found in the far righthand corner of the manage course table. It will be to the left of the 'add' button.

Screenshot of the more actions button

3. Remove Selected Users

You will then be presented with a drop down menu. Click 'remove selected members'.

Screenshot of the remove selected members button

4. Confirmation

You will then be presented with a box asking if you're sure about deleting the following users. To confirm the process of deleting multiple users, click 'remove'.

Screenshot of the remove button

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