How to Bulk Upload Users to a Group

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1. Navigate To Groups

Before you can start bulk uploading users to a group, you will need to Navigate To Groups

2. CSV File Creation

You will need to create a CSV file that contains the necessary information.

The information that you will need in the user CSV upload is:

  1. Email

Screenshot of email example


Email addresses within the CSV must already be uploaded as a user on the system. If this has not been done yet, take a look at our guide Adding Users Individually or Bulk Uploading Users.

3. Select Group

Select the group you would like the add the user to, by clicking on the group name.

Screenshot of group name example

4. Uploading Users

To 'upload' users to the group, click the upload members button in the members table.

Screenshot of upload members button

5. Upload CSV

You will then be taken to the upload members page.

From here you will be able to upload the CSV file that was previously created.

  1. Click on the ‘Click to select files’ button to select your CSV file.

Screenshot of Click to select files example

6. Upload

The last step is to click on the 'upload' button to upload your CSV file.

Screenshot of upload button example

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