How to Add Individual Users

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1. Navigate To Users

Before you can start adding users individually, you will need to Navigate To Users.

2. Adding A User

To start adding users individually, select the ‘add’ button which can be found at the right of the user management table.

Image to show the add button

3. Create User

You will then be presented with a user creation box. In order to add users to the LMS, ensure that the name & email address are both filled in.

Image to show the name and email address

4. User Role

You will then be asked to set the user role. Click on the drop-down menu to select the user role.

Image to show user role

You can find the breakdown of different user roles here:

5. Send Activation Email Immediately

Before you create a user, you must decide if you want to 'send the activation immediately' or not.

The 'send activation immediately' is automatically ticked when you go to create a new user individually. This means that as soon as you click 'create' the user you have added will be sent an activation email.

If you do not want an activation email to be sent to the user straight away; de-select the box.

In this example, the box has been de-selected.

Image to show send activation immediately box.

6. Create

Once you are happy with the information you have filled in - click create.

This will then create the user for you.

Image to show the create button.

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