Bulk Upload Groups

1. Navigate To Groups

Before you can start bulk adding groups, you will need to Navigate To Groups

2. CSV Creation

Before you can bulk upload groups, you will need to create a CSV file with the groups you want to upload.

The CSV file needs to have two columns:

  1. Name
  2. Category

Optionally, there may also be the columns 'ParentName' and 'ParentCategory'.

Screenshot of parent name and parent category example

3. Bulk Upload Groups

To start the process of bulk uploading groups, select the bulk upload groups button which can be found at the right of the groups table to the right of the 'add'

Screenshot of the bulk upload group button.

4. Select CSV

After selecting 'bulk upload groups' you will be presented with the upload members table. This is where you can upload the CSV file you created at the start. 'Click to select files' button is where you will be able to upload the file.

Screenshot of the select files button.

5.Upload CSV

Once you have selected the CSV, click the 'upload' button to complete the process of bulk uploading groups.

Screenshot of the upload button.

6. Groups

After the upload is complete you will be taken back to the groups table where you will find the new groups.

To see the child groups - click on the group name.

Screenshot of the newly created groups