Adding A Release Schedule

1. Navigate To Courses

Before you can start adding a release schedule, you will need to Navigate To Courses Navigate To Courses

2. Course Table

After clicking the course button you will be taken to the course table.

The table will include a list of courses that have been assigned to the organisation.

Screenshot of courses list

3. Select Course To Manage

Find the course you wish to add a release schedule for and click the 'course name'.

Screenshot of the edit course button

4. Add

Click the 'add' button that can be found in the far right of the assigned group row.

Screenshot of the add button

5. User Group Selection

You will then be presented with a list of groups that are on the LMS. Select the groups you would like to have a release schedule for by clicking the box next to the group name.

Screenshot of the everyone user group

6. Confirm

Once you have selected all the groups you want, click the 'confirm' button to finish the process of adding a release schedule.

Screenshot of the confirm button