Hut Six Metrics Definitions

On the LMS you will notice 3 main metrics; score, completion and up to date.

You will notice these on the management dashboard, within groups, in the reports section and it can also be found for each individual user.

1. Up To Date

This metric is computed as the percentage of users who have completed all of the tutorials released to them. Tutorials are defined as “due for completion” once the ‘Complete By’ date has elapsed for that tutorial. This schedule can be configured by navigating to the edit page for each course.

Screenshot of up to date metric dial

2. Score

This metric is the average percentage score achieved by all users across your organisation. Individual’s scores are calculated as the average of scores for all completed tutorials.

Screenshot of score metric dial

3. Completion

This metric is computed as a percentage representation of how far through a course your organisation has progressed. It is calculated from the number of tutorials released versus the total number of tutorials in a course.

Screenshot of completion metric dial

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