Password Reset

This guide will walk you through resetting a user's password through the user management table. This can only be done by a super-user.

If you are not a super-user and want to reset your password - please refer to our guide "Password Reset - Login page".

1. Navigate To Users

Before you can do a password reset, you will need to Navigate To Users.

2. Select User

Once you have clicked users, you will be presented with a user management table. The table will include all the users that are on the LMS.

Select the user name that you would like to send a password reset email to.

For this example, we will be using ‘Adoree Diperaus' account.

Image to show example account to send a password reset to.

3. Reset Password

Once you have selected the user, you will be taken to the user overview page.

You will then need to click the “Reset Password” button.


This action can only be done if the user's account is activated.

Image to show the password reset button.

4.Request Password Reset

A password request box will then appear asking you to confirm your request.

Once this button has been pressed the user will receive a password reset email.

Image to show the confirm button.