How to Add a User to a Group

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1. Navigate To Groups

Before you can start adding a user to a group, you will need to Navigate To Groups

2. Select Group

Select the group you would like the add the user to by clicking on the group name.

Screenshot of a group example.

3. Add User

To 'add' a user to the group, click the add button in the members table.

Screenshot of the add button.

4. Select User

You will then be presented with a list of users that are on the LMS.

Select the user/users you would like to add to the group by clicking on the box next to the user name.

Screenshot of the user that is being added to the group.

5. Confirm

After selecting the user/users you would like to add to the LMS, click the confirm button to complete the process of adding a user to the group.

Screenshot of the confirm button

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