How to Set a New Password

1. Password Reset email

Upon the super user resetting your password, you’ll receive an email advising that a password reset request has been performed.

To create a new password click 'Reset my password now'.

Screenshot of reset password button

2. New password creation

You will then be taken to the password creation page where you will be able to set a new password for yourself.

To ensure that the password reset is successful, the password that is being set needs to be at least "OK". Anything below "OK" will not allow a new password to be set.

To achieve this, the password needs to be greater than 8 characters long.

We suggest using 3 or 4 random words to help you achieve this.


Using a single word along with numbers, exclamation marks or any other characters will not help you achieve a 'OK' password regardless of the character count.

Screenshot of password strength

3. Setting a new password

Once you are happy with the password you have set, click 'Reset'.

After successfully creating your password, you will then be taken to the dashboard where you will be able to continue with your training.

Screenshot of the reset button

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