Editing Users

1. Navigate To Users

Before you can start editing a users details, you will need to Navigate To Users

2. Edit User

After selecting users, you will be presented with a user management table. This is the list of users that are currently on the LMS.

To edit a user, click the 'edit user' box next to the delete user button which can be found at the far right of the user name row.

Image to show the edit user button.

3. Edit Details

After clicking the ‘edit user’ button, you will be presented with the user details.

You can edit the users' details here.

The following details can be edited:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. User Role
  4. User Type

Image to show the user details to edit

4. Update

Once you are happy with the changes, click ‘update’. This will then save and update the user’s details.

Image to show the update button.