How to Disable a User

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1. Navigate To Users

Before you can start disabling a user, you will need to Navigate To Users

2. Select User

Once you have clicked users, you will be presented with a user management table. The table will include all the users that are on the LMS.

Select the user name that you would like to disable.

For this example, we will be using ‘Rocco Shawley’ account.

Image to show example user getting disabled

3. User Overview

You will then be taken to the user-specific management table. This gives you an overview of the user. This is where you will be able to disable the user.

To check if a user is enabled or disabled, navigate to the far right of the 'enabled' section:

If there is a '✔' - the user account is enabled

If there is an 'X' - the user account is disabled.

In this example, Rocco's account is enabled.

Image to show enabled row

4. Disable User

Navigate to the 'enabled' section in the user table.

To disable Rocco account, click the 'disable user' button.

Image to show the disable user button

5. Confirm

Before you can confirm the disabling of Rocco's account, you will be asked to give a reason for disabling the user. This is optional but it does help if you were to re-enable the user in the future.

Image to show disable user reasoning section

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