Cyber Security For Law Firms

Your Shield Against Cyber Threats in the Legal Sector

Employee completing security awareness training

Hut Six's Cyber Security Training Solution for Professionals


  • Comprehensive Cyber Security Course with Regular Updates
  • Engaging Animated and Voice-guided Modules
  • Customisable Assessment Questions for Workforce Evaluation
  • Real-time Reporting Dashboards for Immediate Insights
  • Seamless Integration with your Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Mobile and Tablet Compatibility for On-the-Go Learning
  • Accessibility Features: Subtitles, High Contrast, and Screen Reader Compatibility


  • Transform Employee Behaviour with Elevated Cyber Security Awareness
  • Mitigate Human Factor Risks in Cyber Attacks
  • Achieve Compliance with Industry Standards such as ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, and GDPR
  • Simplify Security Audits with Streamlined Training Metrics
  • Gauge Cyber Security Awareness Risk within Your Organisation
  • Tailored Training for Your Specific Workplace Culture
  • Targeted Refresher Modules for Vulnerable User Groups


For business that just need to cover cyber awareness basics.


  • Cyber Awareness Basics (6 Modules)
  • Auto-tailored Content
  • Phishing Attack Library
  • 2 Simulated Attacks per User/ Year
  • Access to Built-in Reports
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A comprehensive curriculum with regular phishing simulations.

Includes everything in Starter, plus:

  • Cyber Awareness Accredited (21 Modules)
  • Email Support
  • Feedback Tools
  • Single Sign-On
  • 4 Simulated Attacks per User/ Year
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Multi-year curriculum with unlimited phishing simulations.

Includes everything in Professional, plus:

  • Interactive Scenario Refreshers
  • External LMS Intergrations
  • Phishing Editor
  • ∞ Simulated Attacks per User/ Year
  • Automatic Day/Week/Monthly Reports
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Key Cyber Awareness Stats

Increased Incidents

The number of cyber security incidents caused by insiders has risen by 47% since 2018.

Observe IT Proofpoint

Higher Cost

The average annual cost of insider threats increasing to £8.32 million.

IBM Cost of a Data Breach

Prevalent Breaches

39% of businesses and 26% of charities report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.

UK Government CSBS 2021

Expensive Recovery

Organisations spend around £2.9 million recovering from security incidents, with malware recovery costing a shocking £3.4 million.

IBM Cost of a Data Breach

Widespread Phishing

According to UK government research, in 2021, 83% of businesses experienced phishing attacks against their organisation.

UK Government CSBS 2021

Insufficient Training

77% of all UK workers have never received any form of information security training from their employer.

Centrify PAM Survey

To protect your organisation you have to start with the people.

Experience Hut Six's Unique Approach

  • Quality content: engaging, comprehensive, universally Understood
  • Customisation: tailor training to your policies, practices, and look
  • Behaviour change: measure and improve user actions with detailed metrics
  • Seamless integration: LMS, active directory, single sign-on, and phishing Simulator
Cybertraining that works protecting your business

Our Successful Security Awareness Programs

Office for National Statistics Logo

Office for National Statistics

“Hut Six has been the most successful third-party security awareness platform we have used to date...”

Jamee Davies, Information Security Systems Manager

Cogs icon showing LMS integrations

LMS Integrations

Integrate with other learning management systems via xAPI/Tincan. Complete our tutorials and view metrics within your own LMS.

Organisational chart icon

Active Directoty

Synchronise your users and groups with Active Directory and map directly to your own structure.

Authentication icon tick

Single Sign On

Integrate with Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, Okta, and other SSO providers with SAML 2.0.

Integrated Phishing Simulator

Hut Six’s phishing simulator tests your employee's response to the most common form of cyber-attack: Phishing emails. Our solution is seamless integrated into our cybersecurity awareness training. Easily customised templates help educate employees against spear phishing, ransomware and BEC.

Phishing Simulator
Simulated phishing campaigns with training

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