Enterprise Level Security Awareness

Hut Six’s Enterprise Information Security Training solution encourages positive behavioural change and strengthens your organisation’s defences against malicious attackers, reputational damage, and potential fines and litigation.

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Organisational Security as Second Nature

Year one content features 26 comprehensive tutorials that cover all aspects of information and cyber security, such as social engineering, password security and GDPR. Learning outcomes are demonstrated through best practice and industry case studies that reinforce the need for security awareness within the workplace. Regular interactive assessments track employee progress and knowledge of each subject.

After the first year, training content revisits the topics featured previously, reinforcing learning outcomes with additional information, advanced case studies, and additional tasks and assessments that further build security knowledge amongst employees. This content includes tutorials that feature a unique method of assessment whereby the user chooses the course of action to be taken by the characters within the tutorials themselves. This feature gives the employee the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real life situations, a feature not yet offered by other information security awareness solutions.

Test Employee Knowledge and Progress

Hut Six’s phishing simulator gives your security team the ability to test the vigilance and security awareness of your employees through simulated attacks which test reactions to the most common form of information security threat facing organisations today – phishing emails.

Simulated phishing attacks are composed of three stages: opening the email, clicking the call-to-action and submitting data to the malicious web-page.

Image depicting phishing simulator by Hut Six Security

Phishing campaigns can be conducted covertly before training begins to test employee’s baseline awareness of security issues without raising suspicion. Overt phishing mode, which informs the user that they have been phished and directs them to compulsory on the spot training in the event of a breach, can be conducted after training to reinforce learning outcomes.

Measurable Behavioural Change

Hut Six’s LMS gives security teams a wide range of exportable metrics and reports that facilitate a total overview of the organisation’s security awareness progress.

Custom groups can be configured to collect and compare information on specific teams, management, or individuals in high risk positions or with access to sensitive information.

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This gives security teams the ability to track improvement and positive change over time, and deploy training schedules and phishing attacks strategically to mimic the threat landscape and challenge employee awareness and vigilance.

Hut Six Enterprise Information Security Training can be customised to your organisation’s requirements, tailoring your solution to your organisation’s ways of working whilst also incorporating branding to provide a familiar experience that sits alongside your current software suite and documentation.

Start building a secure culture within your organisation