Enterprise Security Awareness Training

Hut Six’s Enterprise Information Security Training solution and phishing simulator encourages positive behavioural change and strengthens your organisation against attacks, reputational damage, and potential fines and litigation.

Enterprise Information Security Training and phishing simulator image of large businesses and skyscrapers
Security Awareness Tutorial Image with Visitor Policy Question

Organisational Security as Second Nature

Cloud-based, online tutorials take ten minutes or less to complete, and cover all threats commonly faced in the workplace and at home.

  • Training delivered every two weeks, or choose your own schedule to fit your organisation
  • Case studies and interactive tasks for an engaging experience that builds security knowledge
  • Scenario based tutorials with narrative that changes depending on the user’s responses

Test Employee Knowledge and Progress

Hut six’s customisable phishing simulator provides admins with an additional method of testing that replicates the most common form of cyber-attack: Phishing emails.

  • Conduct customisable phishing campaigns to test your employees
  • Schedule campaigns tailored to teams and departments or the organisation as a whole
  • Choose from a library of phishing templates or create your own emails and landing pages
Phishing Metrics Dashboard and Example Phishing Email
Management Dashboard with Exportable Report

Measurable Behavioural Change

The Hut Six Learning Management System provides admins with a 360 view of their organisation’s information security awareness.

  • Feature rich, downloadable reporting
  • See metrics for each employee, the whole organisation or configurable user groups
  • Set custom tutorial release schedules that suit your organisation

A few of our happy customers

Hut Six Enterprise Information Security Training and phishing simulator can be customised to your organisation’s requirements, adding additional users and tailoring your solution to your organisation’s ways of working whilst also incorporating branding to provide a familiar experience that sits alongside your current software suite and documentation.

Start building a secure culture within your organisation