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Social Engineering

Source: Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022

Tutorial Content

At a Glance

  • Social Engineering Tactics
  • Secure/Unsecure Behaviour
  • 3 Case Studies

Equipping users with the knowledge to identify common social engineering tactics and methods is the first step in avoidance. Coming in many shapes and sizes, social engineering is not only widespread, but all too rarely recognised; making it an essential to any security awareness training.

“Social engineering is the manipulation of people to gain confidential information or convince them to perform a certain action. It relies on human interaction and often involves tricking people to break their standard security practices.”

- Hut Six, Social Engineering

Learning Objectives

  • Recognition and Avoidance
  • Understanding Methods of Social Engineering (Pretexting, Baiting, Quid Pro Quo, etc.)
  • Information Safeguarding