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Phishing, don’t take the Bait

Source: Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022

Statistic: Over 80% of cyber-attacks are phishing attempts with Iconography

Tutorial Content

At a Glance

  • Common Phishing Tactics
  • Unsafe Email Content
  • Link Inspection

Addressing one of the most foundational topics in Information Security Training, this tutorial covers the most common tactics used by online fraudsters for stealing sensitive information. From address spoofing to malicious attachments, no organisation should be without some form of effective anti-phishing training.

“Analyse the URL and recognise inconsistencies in the scheme, domain,and path that would show the malicious nature of the website”

- Hut Six, Phishing, Don’t take the Bait

Learning Objectives

  • Phishing Attack Identification
  • Suspicious File Types
  • Hidden URL Paths
  • Completion time: ~ 9 minutes