Personal Phishing Results Page

Upon logging into the LMS the first page you will be taken to is the dashboard.

Screenshot of the user dashboard

1. Phishing Results

Navigate to the 'phishing results' tab on the left hand side of the LMS.

Screenshot of phishing results tab

2. Attack Completed

You will then be presented with a list of phishing campaigns you have been a part of and how far you got with that campaign.

In the example below, it shows that Alri Rickets had completed the phishing attack, as the 'attack completed' has been highlighted.

Screenshot of the attack completed

3. Take Training

After a successful simulated phishing campaign has taken place, the user will be taken to a training page. If at any point the user would like to re-do the training, they can do so by clicking on the 'take training' button on the phishing results page.

Screenshot of the take training button

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