Developers: Launching Hut Six content with xAPI

The Hut Six Platform supports 3rd party Learning Management Systems launching content hosted by Hut Six. The launch mechanism is based upon the Rustici xAPI launch documentation.

Necessary prerequisites

  1. Specify the endpoint where xAPI statements are sent in the LRS Url field in Hut Six Settings -> Integrations -> xAPI.
  2. Download the desired course files from the xAPI settings page. These are to be uploaded to the 3rd party LMS.

xAPI Request Flow for externally launch content

1. Content Launch

The 3rd party LMS must send the user to the launch URL specified in the given course file. This launch mechanism follows the Rustici launch method.

Required query parameters

The value is given here is used for the Authorization header when sending xAPI statements. The 3rd party LRS must authenticate the requests sent by the Hut Six platform using this value.
A JSON object. We require values for the name and mbox fields.
Must be a uuid.

Note: The endpoint query parameter specified by Rustici is ignored by the Hut Six LMS for security reasons. The LRS Url setting is always used instead.

2. Hut Six Platform verifies launch with "attempted" statement

The Hut Six Platform will send an "attempted" statement to the LRS URL. The content launch will only proceed if the LRS URL returns a 2xx status code with a valid response body.

Requests that do not successfully authenticate should be responded to with a 401 Forbidden status code.

3. Hut Six Platform sends completed and answered statements.

The Hut Six Platform will only send further xAPI statements once a user has completed the content. These statements are sent in a single request and consist of an "answered" statement per answered question and a "completed" statement.

If successful, the Hut Six Platform expects a 2xx status code with a valid response body.

xAPI for content launched within the Hut Six Platform

The Hut Six Platform can also send xAPI statements for content that was not launched externally. When this feature is enabled, the Authorization header value will contain the LRS Username and LRS password setting values (as specified in the Hut Six Platform's xAPI settings page) in HTTP Basic Authentication format.

The 3rd party LMS is expected to identify users using their email address.

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