Coming Soon: Brand-New Interactive Tutorials

Hut Six are excited to announce the imminent release of a brand-new series of 12 interactive tutorials.

Set within the fictional OpenMind company, this new series of training is packed with engaging scenarios, vital information security lessons, and vibrant animation.

Covering all of the fundamental information security topics, such as Social Engineering, Phishing, Password Security and more, your employees will navigate these tutorials with unique outcomes based on the decisions they make.

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Interactive Scenario Based Tutorials

At Hut Six we appreciate the need for training that engages users. That’s why we’ve spent the last several years developing and perfecting the best possible interactive tutorials for information security learning.

Going beyond simply telling users how to behave, we believe that it’s important for users to put knowledge to the test in realistic (and entertaining) scenarios designed to educate, assess, and ultimately improve your organisation’s security culture.

Written and designed in a way that allows users to complete tutorials in any order, this non-linear approach means security topics can be engaged with as and when users desire, maximising autonomous learning and retention.

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Engaging Training for Employees

Set at the completely fictional robotics and AI company OpenMind, users will navigate the hallways of this futuristic environment, interacting with employees, artificial intelligence machines, and numerous information security threats.

“In the not-too-distant future, the fate of humanity is in your hands as you guide the decisions of various employees at the world’s leading android manufacturer!”

While users’ decisions lead to a range of possible outcomes for each tutorial, their overall score throughout the course will also ultimately determine whether OpenMind is destined to forever change humanity’s future for the better, or worse…

Developed with engagement in mind, we’ve included a few sneaky science fiction references to keep an eye out for. From Blade Runner to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, there is no shortage of sci-fi fun.

Dazzling New Animation

As we might have already mentioned, our progress in terms of animation and the visual quality of our work is something of which we’re all massively proud!

Having been making educational tutorials for over 6 years, this new series is undoubtedly our finest creation. With fantastically detailed new environments, wonderfully diverse new character designs, and more interactivity than ever, it truly sets a high bar going forward.

“Working on this new series has been great fun, and the whole content development team are incredibly proud of the progress and the final product!” Ross Macomish, Lead Animator

Content Curriculum

Focusing on the most important aspects of information security awareness training, this interactive new content covers the following 12 key areas of information security:

  • Physical Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Insider Threat
  • Incident Response
  • Handling Sensitive Data
  • Remote Work
  • Passwords
  • Phishing
  • Backing Up
  • Social Media
  • Personal Security
  • Secure Culture

If you’d like to learn more about the educational content in our new series of tutorials, check out our Content Curriculum pages, where you can find specific information about topics, themes, and learning objectives for each of our many information security awareness training programs, including the four previous series’ of tutorials.

Ongoing Awareness Training

Here at Hut Six, we are always looking to build upon our content library, as well as improving what’s already there.

We believe that training should not only be engaging but should provide tangible value to customers, which is why delivering effective training is our ongoing goal.

Providing employees with the right training is a vital element in promoting security awareness, reducing avoidable human error, and affecting positive behavioural change.

All of Hut Six's training is crafted to educate users to identify, avoid and report cyber threats, and is specifically designed to produce meaningful behavioural change in your employees.

Security Awareness for your Organisation

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