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Social Media & Privacy

Source: The British Broadcast Corporation (BBC)

Tutorial Content

At a Glance

  • Privacy Controls
  • Individual Platforms
  • Secure Connections

With so many of us frequenting social media websites, threats such as oversharing, lax privacy settings, and the sharing of unverified or controversial information can only be ignored at our peril. Directly addressing the most popular social media platforms, this tutorial promotes the simple practices necessary to keeping social media safe and secure.

“Typically, an attacker will use the private or direct message to send phishing messages directly into the inbox of the victim. In extreme cases, the attacker will compromise the account of a trusted contact of the victim and then send malicious messages to the victim from that trusted account.”

- Hut Six, Social Media & Privacy

Learning Objectives

  • Configurating Privacy Settings
  • Clickbait Avoidance
  • Online Comportment
  • Completion time: ~ 10 minutes