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Printing and Faxing

Source: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Tutorial Content

At a Glance

  • Physical Security
  • Maintaining Confidentiality
  • 3 Case Studies

Although much is made of protecting digital data, adequately protecting physical documents should not be overlooked. From networked devices, to ensuring documents of recovered, altering, printing or scanning, this form of risk may be basic, but can serious and devastating consequences in the real world.

“When printing a document, any digital protection or access controls that are in place on the digital file, such as encryption or password protection, should be reflected in the physical counterpart.”

- Hut Six, Printing and Faxing

Learning Objectives

  • Potential Threats and Risks
  • Technology Basics
  • Access Controls & Best Practices
  • Completion time: ~ 10 minutes