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Phishing Simulation.

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Pricing from £6 per user/per year.

Security Awareness Training
with inbuilt Phishing Simulator

Security Awareness Training

Hut Six's Security Awareness Training program educates people to identify, avoid and report cyber threats. The human factor is a vital part of preventing financial and reputational damages from successful cyber-attacks or data breaches.

Achieve compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC2 and Cyber Essentials by implementing ongoing cyber security training. Our cyber security course of bite-sized training covers all aspects of end user security.

Engaging and high quality online courses which change behaviours and build an educational journey across multiple years of content. We empower people to improve cybersecurity in their personal lives.

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Computer based security awareness e-learning represented on various devices

Simulated Phishing

Hut Six's Phishing Simulator enables you to easily run automated campaigns to train your staff against phishing threats. Phishing simulation helps protect your organisation by educating employees how to spot suspicious elements within phishing emails and other social engineering attacks.

A single successful phishing attack can damage your organisation through lost time, revenue and client opinion. Build your own attacks in our Custom Phishing Editor or choose from our extensive library of phishing templates.

Target different users groups, schedule your phish testing automatically and following up with anti phishing training on the spot. Comprehensive reports on security awareness levels analyse what your users know and how they react to phishing attacks.

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Phishing email with malware being opened representing phishing

Pricing that suits all


For business that just need to cover cyber awareness basics.


  • Cyber Awareness Basics (6 Modules)
  • Auto-tailored Content
  • Phishing Attack Library
  • 2 Simulated Attacks per User/ Year
  • Access to Built-in Reports
Free Trial


A comprehensive curriculum with regular phishing simulations.

Includes everything in Starter, plus:

  • Cyber Awareness Accredited (21 Modules)
  • Email Support
  • Feedback Tools
  • Single Sign-On
  • 4 Simulated Attacks per User/ Year
Free Trial


Multi-year curriculum with unlimited phishing simulations.

Includes everything in Professional, plus:

  • Interactive Scenario Refreshers
  • External LMS Intergrations
  • Phishing Editor
  • ∞ Simulated Attacks per User/ Year
  • Automatic Day/Week/Monthly Reports
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Train your people against cyber threats

High quality security awareness content icon

High Quality Content

Frequent, engaging and concise tutorials educate your people, whilst respecting their time and intelligence.

Branching security scenarios icon

Real-life Scenarios

Scenario based tutorials with branching narratives that take users through case studies teaching best practice.

Editable and custom security awareness tutorials icon

Customisable Tutorials

Automatically customised and easily edited tutorials enable our training to fit your security policies seamlessly.

Test the effectiveness of your security program

Interactive cyber assessments to test employees icon

Interactive Assessments

Assessments built into our tutorials test knowledge and awareness of information security best practice.

Simulated phishing represented with a fishing hook icon

Phishing Simulation

Conduct sophisticated phishing campaigns across your organisation to measure behavioural change.

Editable phishing templates icon

Custom Phish Editor

Create your own phishing simulation emails in our drag and drop editor or choose from our extensive template library.

Track your organisation's security awareness

Comprehensive learning management system icon

Comprehensive LMS

Manage your security awareness programme and create reports in our own Learning Management System.

Comparing phishing results with training scores icon

Integrated Metrics

Easily track and compare training metrics alongside simulated phishing results to measure your organisations security.

Security awareness reporting icon

Cyber Awareness Reports

Data collected demonstrates security awareness level by individual user, team, and your whole organisation.

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