Changing A User Role

1. Navigate To Users

Before you can start changing a user role, you will need to Navigate To Users.

2. Edit User

Once you have clicked users, you will be taken to the user management section. Here you will be presented with the user management table.

This is where you can edit the user account. To start editing the user account, click the 'Edit user' button that can be found in the far right of the user row, it will be to the left of the delete user button.

Image to show the edit user button.

3. Update User

Once you click the edit user button, you will be presented with an 'update user' box. From here, you will be able to update the user role by clicking on the drop-down menu.

Image to show user roles.

You can find the breakdown of different user roles below:

User Role Dashboard, Resources & Phishing Results Users Groups Courses Phishing Reports Settings
Standard User - - - - -
Reports (Assigned Only) - - - - -
Core Manager - - -
Training Manager - -
Phishing Manager - -
Super User

4. Update

Once you are happy with the changes that have been made, click the update button to complete the process of editing a user's account.

Image to show the update button.