Frequently Asked Questions

Information security is a business critical issue, and whilst most companies have good technical defences, only 20% of companies have provided staff with cyber security training. This is the case despite the most prevalent types of security breach being related to the human factor. In order to fully protect your organisation you must respond to the threats it faces and equip your staff with the tools to strengthen their awareness and enable them to become a core part of your security strategy.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) levies fines of €20 million or 4% of your organisation’s annual global turnover, whichever is greater, for non-compliance with the regulation. GDPR governs how businesses gather, process and share personal data of European citizens, and this legislation demands tighter controls and policies, including educating your employees and raising their awareness of potential threats to your organisation. For more information, click here.

Hut Six delivers a frequent and measured security awareness solution to your staff, which is constantly monitored by us and your information security managers, ensuring that it has the greatest impact possible. Our clients come from a vast array of industries and have seen a measured improvement to security awareness and culture within their organisations.

26 concise and engaging tutorials are delivered over the course of one year. These cover all aspects of end-user security and your organisation’s specific policies, training staff to acknowledge and change their behaviour and create a secure culture. Tutorials are delivered via our bespoke Learning Management System and are monitored and administrated through a real-time metrics rich dashboard.

These tutorials are supplemented by a knowledge centre that includes additional information which employees can access at any time. We can also work with your security team to include bespoke components that meet your specific training and security needs.

Our recommended schedule delivers one tutorial every two weeks to ensure security remains at the forefront of your employee’s mind without detracting from their responsibilities, however tutorials can be delivered at a frequency set by your organisation to meet its individual requirements.

Tutorials can be accessed using any web browser, on both desktop and mobile devices by logging in through your organisation’s customised URL or the login link on our homepage. We alert users to new or outstanding tutorials via email as they become available.

We support the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. In addition  we also support mobile browsers within the latest versions of iOS and Android.

We work with you to ensure that we deliver a solution that matches the needs or your organisation. We are happy to make changes to how your solution is structured and delivered to fit your requirements. We recommend setting up a cross-department feedback group who are able to vet each tutorial as it is released, providing feedback from direct user engagement.

Once employees have completed the initial 26 tutorials, they are placed on a refresher course. Our refresher course delivers one tutorial a month and uses current events and case studies to reinforce best practice messages without becoming repetitive and simply running the same tutorials again. This course contains a higher frequency of assessments to continually measure the awareness of your organisation after your staff have been reintroduced to topics and course materials.

Organisations can include their own logos and colour scheme into the tutorials and Learning Management System at no additional charge. Organisations of over 500 users can also request small changes to existing tutorials to better fit their policies at no charge.

All organisations will be given a custom URL for their employees to login through. This will be in the format:

We are happy to create bespoke modules for our clients. Please discuss this with us when discussing your organisation’s individual requirements.

Additional users can be added at any time as your organisation grows. To add additional users to your account, please contact us to discuss your requirements.